Klask ambassadors

KLASK Ambassadors

Finally, there’s an opportunity to put your Magnetic Skills and Personality into good use!

KLASK is searching for Ambassadors who are interested in showing the world how amazing game KLASK truly is and how awesome it is to spend time with. You are the one we’re searching for if you have special skills to be part of the movement, whether it’s your superior skill at striking the ball or your charisma which draws people to play KLASK.

As an KLASK ambassador you have not just the possibility to play more KLASK but also you will have:

  • A KLASK Ambassador Starter Kit
  • Access to closed KLASK Ambassador Group
  • Right to organize Official KLASK Tournaments

What we are waiting for in return is:

  • Your enthusiasm and full commitment to spread the word of KLASK
  • Activity and content in social media (photos or video)
  • You to use your personal magnetism in favor for KLASK

To be accepted as a KLASK Ambassador you need to fill in the Ambassador Form and do it in a such a striking way that you’ll be selected as a KLASK Ambassador.